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The best way to stay in the loop of when my books open is to join my mailing list! I open my books every couple of months for 24 hours, then get back to people over the following week. Booking is not first come first serve, so please take your time, be thoughtful, and don't stress when submitting your proposal!

Generally, flash (pre-drawn designs) & larger projects take priority over custom work, but I am always open to hearing custom ideas!

For custom bookings, I will generally send a sketch for you to look over 1-3 days before the appointment, and we can make minor revisions if needed. Heavy edits may incur an additional drawing fee.

Available flash can be viewed here.

Cancellation Policy

I am generally flexible with cancellations/reschedules. With last-minute reschedules (less that 24 hrs notice) I ask that clients put down an new deposit (forfeiting the previous one) if it's in their means to do so. It can be impossible to recoup the day's income by filling the open appointment spot with little notice.


I take a non-refundable (unless otherwise stated) $75 deposit via Venmo or Paypal with every booking, and my minimum is $150. The deposit amount is subtracted from the final total at the end of the appointment. Cash is strongly preferred, but I can also take Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.

I price on a sliding scale (pay what you can) based on your budget and the size/detail of the piece. For example, palm-size pieces generally range from ~$300-700. I try to be as fair and inclusive as possible with pricing, and if you have any questions about my pricing, feel free to reach out! Tips in the form of money or gifts are appreciated, but never expected.


If I decide to move forward with your proposal, you’ll receive an email back from me with a time slot as well as deposit instructions. I’ll send a confirmation email after everything is processed.


If I don’t receive a response from you within a week of my initial email, your spot will be default to the next person in line.


If you need to reschedule or cancel, please try to let me know at lease a week in advance (but I completely understand if you’re unable, of course.)



Unfortunately, our shop is located on the second floor of a building with no elevator. If this is an accessibility issue, please let me know, and we can see if we can work something out! I never want this to be a reason anyone is unable to get work from me.


Generally, I bandage with Dermshield. If you have a known allergy to medical adhesive, we can always bandage with saran wrap instead.


Remove the bandage under running water 1-3 days after it is applied. Then, gently wash with a gentle soap and apply unscented lotion or Aquaphor twice a day for 2 weeks, or until healed.

If you experience an abnormal amount of redness, itching, pain, or rash associated with the bandage, feel free to remove it earlier and finish aftercare by washing and moisturizing twice a day afterward.


Do not:

Do strenuous exercise for at least 2 days

Swim/submerge tattoo for at least 2 weeks

Itch/scratch/scrub at tattoo until fully healed

Wear tight/abrasive clothing around fresh tattoo



Wear sunscreen over healed tattoo whenever it is exposed to sun

Send healed pictures!


Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

COVID-19 Info

Masking is required at our studio at this time. I appreciate if clients test within a few days of our appointment as well. I am fully vaccinated.


Our shop and my station are regularly sanitized, and the room that I tattoo in is shared with only one other studiomate (and their client, if present).


At this time, I ask that clients show up to appointments alone (no friends/partners/guests) unless everyone in the party is getting tattooes.

If you have been exposed or are feeling ill/showing symptoms, Please let me know and we can reschedule! 

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